Do You Suffer With Adult Acne?

acne-creamAdult Acne is pretty much the same with the type of acne suffers by younger and teenage years. Causes and symptoms also are almost the same. Acne treatment is also available for adult acne except for some with added risk factors too likely to be considered. One particular restriction is imposed for the pregnant and breastfeeding moms, because there could be some chemicals or acidic contents that could harm one’s health, therefore, that should be avoided.

Acne commonly occurs during adolescence stage, and then usually continues into adulthood. For most of the people reaches early twenties, acne lessens over time and tends to disappear, or at least decreases. Thus, there is no way to predict how long will it take acne to disappear completely, and some persons will carry this burden into a decade or more if not properly treated.

Statistics shows that almost 25% of adult men and about 50% of the adult women were affected by adult acne at some point in their adult stage. The study shows that majority on the population that suffers to this kind of skin problem are women. This is because the hormonal activity such as menstrual cycle and puberty contributes to the factors that affect to the formation of the acne. About one third of the adults with acne everywhere in the face also have acne all over the body as the same time. This for sure is very unpleasant and hard to cope, and could definitely cause too much depression and anxiety in the adults.

Adult Acne Cautions

With this we should be aware of the proper diet and eating balance to help minimize any acne breakouts. A diet with high glycemic load is associated to worsening the acne. Consumption of milk has also an association between the rate and severity of the acne. Likewise chocolate and salt has high glycemic load, thus it is not recommended to include much in your diet.

Adult acne treatment and care could be associated with the treatment on teen acne. Both have almost the same causes and symptoms, except that you have to consider some additional risk factor before taking as such, so it could be an effective acne treatment for adults with possibly a little adjustment on the chemical concentration. You could try Benzoyl peroxide, which is good in controlling austerity of the acne outbreak and could also help lessens the risk of forming into scars.

Adult Acne Treatments

Retinoid treatment helps to provide additional antibiotic action to react on the specific bacteria. However, most of the physicians may be unwilling to prescribe antibiotics because some research proves that certain bacteria are becoming more resistant to antibiotic and over-prescription of such might only worsen the problem.

Mild to moderate adult acne could be treated effectively by products based azelaic acid. Azelaic acid products are less irritating than retinoids. Usually 20% base solution of azelaic acid is used to treat such type of acne. One that could be a side effect of this acne treatment is that it may affect the skin pigmentation.

Natural acne treatment method could also be an effective solution to such skin problem. Things like baking soda, aloe vera jelly, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, could replace exfoliants, moisturizers, cream and other chemical based acne treatments. Because it is natural, it is very gentle to the skin and an effective method of accelerating healing process. Also natural products help fight current skin breakouts and helping repair the skin and help to prevent pimples.

Whether you have have teenage acne or adult acne, the good thing is that there’s still lot of options and methods to consider for an acne treatment.

Here is an interesting clip about adult acne from the Dr. Oz show.