Fabulous Beet Juice Recipes

beetsIf you have just gotten into juicing and have just bought your very first juicer then you are probably looking for some recipe ideas. Beets are a terrific addition to any juicing regimen for both taste and nutrition. Beetroot is nature’s gift to better health. It is not only rich in potassium and vitamin C, but it is also packed with anti-carcinogens. They are magic micro-nutrients which can treat and help to prevent cancer.

Beetroot juice makes an excellent tonic for anybody recovering from an illness. It is one of nature’s richest sources of vitamins and minerals. The humble beetroot is one of the few vegetables which can treat a range of health problems. Anyone suffering from an inflammatory disease should try adding a glass of beetroot juice to their daily diet. Beets are easy to juice and any of the top ranked juicers on the market will have no problem extracting all of the goodness that this veggie contains. Below are some recipes that you can try out in your new juicing machine.

Juicing for the Heart

A heart healthy beetroot recipe:

1 Red apple
1 Beetroot
2 Sticks of celery

Unless you are using an organically grown beetroot, it might be a good idea to peel it. Wash your apple and vegetables and put them through your juicer.

This juice mixture should be drunk before breakfast, or you can refrigerate and drink a little before every meal.

This recipe will help to both cleanse the blood and support heart function. Pectin in the apple reduces arterial inflammation, and celery is known to lower blood pressure

People who suffer from heart disease often have elevated levels of cholesterol. Folate, or folic acid, does not only support the heart, but it also helps our blood to deal with fats. Cholesterol is a type of fat which is deposited on the arterial walls, and can eventually lead to heart attacks.

As beetroots are very rich in folate, the juice of one beetroot can be just as effective as taking a statin. The folate gently removes undesirable fats from the blood stream without causing any harm. Statin medication is associated with liver problems and diabetes.

Potassium is also one of the active ingredients in the greens of beetroots. It helps to support liver function, but more than anything it helps to maintain a normal heart beat. All modern heart drugs contain potassium.

Juicing for the Prostate

Keep your prostate healthy with this recipe;

1 Beetroot
2 Tomatoes
4 Broccoli florets

Prostate problems are very common. A prostate problem is indicated by a raised PSA level, but that does not mean you have prostate cancer. It can also indicate inflammation of the prostrate or a urinary tract infection.

All red fruit and vegetables contain betacyanin. This is what makes the fruit or vegetable develop a red color. Beetroots are richer in betacyanin than any other fruit or vegetable. Scientists now know that that this color pigment is not only highly anti-carcinogenic, but it also helps to fight inflammation.

The prostrate is a gland and when it becomes inflamed other problems such as cancer can develop. The betacyanin in beetroots will not only help to reduce inflammation, but it will also support healthy cell growth.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. This is a micro nutrient which is known to promote good prostrate health. Broccoli is packed with bioflavonoids and antioxidants which are both recognized as cancer fighting compounds.

The best way to use this juice remedy is to drink it before breakfast in the morning. Remember to peel the beetroot if necessary and wash the other ingredients.

Despite a lot of information to the contrary, we still ignore the health benefits of many fruits and vegetables. Beetroots are both easy to grow and cheap to buy. They are one of the best vegetables we can use to help to boost and improve our health.

Getting Into Juicing

Juicing is a great way to not only provide your health with a tremendous boost, but also create an infinite amount of cool drinks to help you relax. We always love to break out the juicer on those warm morning to help us start off the day right. We highly suggest getting a juice extractor for your own kitchen so that you too can start taking advantage of everything that fresh fruit and vegetable juice can do for you.

Having a juicer can really transform your life. It is a great way to boost energy, undo bad eating habits, and it is a convenient way to get all the nutrients that your body needs to feel good and perform. Yes, we are juicing advocates, but only because we have experienced first hand what it can do. For a better understanding of all of the benefits that getting a juicer can provide you, check out the informative video below.