Think Safety First When Looking For A New Running Stroller


Getting outdoors with your family can be a great experience, and a high quality stroller can go a long way to ensuring that it is rewarding for both parents and kids. If you have been looking into getting one of these terrific pieces of exercise equipment and have read some reviews of the top jogging strollers, then it is important to keep in mind some of the more vital features that you want your new jogger to have.

Safety Features

The healthy and safety of your passenger is the most important factor, so finding a new stroller with proper safety features is crucial for their protection.

Wheels: Having tires that fill with air, like a bicycle, will not only provide a smoother ride, but it will help you stay in control over any type of surface. Wet, bumpy, gravel, or sandy terrain should not be a problem with a proper tire. The wheel base should also be wide enough to be able to handle turns without the danger of tipping over.

If you like to run fast or for long distances, having a front wheel that can lock in place will also be an added benefit. A locked front wheel will produce less wobble and provide a more stable stroller at faster speeds. It will be easier to keep in a straight line without veering to one side or another as well.

Brakes: While not a necessity, having a hand brake or a foot brake can offer greater protection, especially for fast running. You never know when you will need to stop all of a sudden, and having a means to slow down the stroller can reduce the risk for a lot of accidents and stress on the runner.

Sun Canopy: Children’s skin is quite sensitive to sun exposure so finding a jogger with a large and adjustable canopy can help protect your child from the dangers of UV light. It will also make their ride more enjoyable as they will not have the sun in their eyes.

Tether: This is an added feature that help reduce mishaps. The last thing that you want is to trip and fall and have the stroller get away from you. Having something that connects you to the running stroller is a great last line of defense should something cause you to stumble.

Comfort Features

Not only to you want the little ones to be safe, but you also want them to enjoy their time out and about. Comfort features are just as important as the safety aspects of top quality jogging stroller.

Seat: This is where they will spend all of their time, so this is a key area to look at when shopping. Having a roomy seat that is able to recline or sit up will go a long way to making your kids enjoyment.

Suspension: How well the stroller handles bumps and uneven terrain will also play a vital role in their comfort. The top rated models will have an adjustable or dedicated suspension system designed to minimize a bumpy ride.

Storage: You will also want to see how much storage the unit has. Being prepared for anything is dependent on the ability to pack and take with you everything that you need. Some strollers will have more or less storage capabilities so this is one area to look at.

Materials: While you want the stroller to be durable for off road adventures you also want the materials used to be soft, light, and cool.

Ease of Use

Once the important features for the kids are met, it is time to focus on the areas of the jogging stroller that will benefit the runner. If Mom or Dad do not enjoy it, then you are less likely to use it.

Easy to Maneuver: You do not want to feel like you are pushing around a lot of weight while running. The perfect stroller will be easy to push and steer. This is where tires and suspension will come into play.

Storage: While a heavier stroller may be a little more durable, it will also tend to be a lot more work to load and unload from your car or garage. A light weight frame that folds up to a more convenient size will be of great benefit and save some strain on your back.

Adjustable Handle Bar: Ideally you will want something that does not force you to bend over or reach for the handle bar. You want to keep your form while running to help you get the most out of your workout. Having a unit with that can adjust to your size will make things a ton more enjoyable for the runner.

Choosing Wisely

New joggers can be quite costly, so finding one that both you and your kids will enjoy using will help you make the investment a little less risky. The best running strollers can be reviewed on sites like ND-Magazine will provide with an exceptional experience for your family.

Jogging is a fantastic way to get back into shape or to stay in shape while also looking after your children, and having the perfect jogger can go a long way to help you provide a safe and fun way to spend quality time with your kids. Spend some time researching jogging stroller reviews online and you will see that there are plenty of worthy options to choose from